Live Nation Global Touring announced today that the Usher Euphoria Tour in Europe will be rescheduled until fall of 2013.

Due to professional and personal commitments Usher will have to reschedule his upcoming European tour dates.  With the recently confirmed commitment to the Voice, to ensure that his fans world-wide are treated to the best possible concert experience, the entire tour will be rescheduled to fall 2013 with dates in both North America and Europe scheduled to run concurrently at that time.

“The feeling of euphoria that I get when performing for you is indescribable. I love each and every one of you and thank you for being there every step of the way. I truly appreciate and am grateful for your support while I take this time to focus on my children and continue to evolve with my fans. Evolve or evaporate.”

Love Usher.

The rescheduled Euphoria tour dates will be announced next year. Fans who have purchased tickets to the previously scheduled dates should return their ticket for refund at point of purchase. Tickets for the previously scheduled performances will not be valid at the rescheduled events.

Live Nation Global Touring wishes to apologize to any inconvenience to fans but look forward to seeing you all at the Euphoria tour next year.

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  1. fireuriv says:

    Usher Raymond IV please do a worldwide EUPHORIA-tour. Come to Russia please. You have fans all over the world. Usher we love you!

  2. veda says:

    Usher ,i know some fans will be upset with the reschedule of the EUPHORIA TOUR, but i so glad you are not because i couldnt attend because im in the US. I glad you are taking time out for your kids and yourself your are a hardworker ! as a parent that i also am you dont want to miss out on their all day i want this and want that moments but also the love they give you that is unconditional that fans can’t provide,precious moments, pictures ,comment and questions, mine constantly ask and things they want to know about . my hats off to you because it definetly a fulltime job being a parent , good luck! I hope to attend a concert next year or year after when our time comes(US). LOVE YOUR ALBUM , MY KIDS LOVE IT TOO IF I ATTEMPT TO PUT ANOTHER CD IN IT GETS TO THE MIDDLE OF THE SONG ,THEY SAY MOM PLAY USHER AND THEY KNOW YOUR VOICE SO WELL NOW NO MATTER WHAT CD I PLAY AND ITS ALWAYS MY 4YEAR OLD THAT SAYS SOMETHING. ENJOY YOUR KIDS AND EVERY PRECIOUS MOMENT WITH USHER JR/NAVYID. LOYAL FAN 4LIFE

  3. rosemahana says:

    I am sure that your fans will understand all the reasons above, to cancel the show, and the best of it “they will love you more because you are modest,kind and human been just like everyone that goes up and down in life. ” Forgive those that trans passed in your life and judged you just because things wasn’t in their way” . Be there for your kids, because that’s were the unconditional LOVE comes from. Nobody else will love you more than your kids and your mom. Even if one day, the money and hollywood carpet doesn’t exist, they will always love you if you were there for them when they most needed.
    Be with GOD because he created you to be happy. Just like he made you with this amazing smiling eyes. :-)

  4. veda says: