World Premiere Of Usher’s "Scream"


Usher does it again and he’s gonna make you “Scream”. Check out the world premiere of Usher’s newest single “Scream” off his upcoming album Looking For Myself, set to hit stores on June 12 (*international dates may vary). Listen to the track above and get your copy NOW on iTunes!

  1. sharayahcarita says:

    “Scream” just makes me wanna dance! Such a great song! Cant wait for “Looking for Myself”!!!!!! <3

  2. berill says:

    how can i spell that song? P.E.R.F.E.C.T. <3 wow!!! hello from turkey we love you!!! you re really great!!

  3. shishi says:

    It is another great one for me. Loved it, loved it. Loved it. Give me more! PLEASE! Love you much… Usher! The song is awesome, makes me get up and dance.

  4. robertpotvin ii says:

    If I ever had an idol or someone to look up to it would be you. Wonderful inspiration in all aspects of life. Tell your mother I said thank you for doing such a great job raising an upstanding and talented person.

  5. vlk1106 says:

    Its RELEASED!!! im soo happy :) •screams• lol

  6. vlk1106 says:

    Usher, I love you. & thanks for following me (& tweeting me 2x) 2.12.12 :]
    Sincerily, @eff_youtoo

  7. berill says:!/bberil17 usherrrr will you follow me? =D <3

    and are you going to do something for your turkish fans? we want to see you especially me :) xoxo

  8. carlinhosroberto says:


  9. tamar34 says:

    Love the song. It is hot!!!!….keep doing what u do Usher. U are one of the greatest artists alive. God bless…PEACE :-)

  10. xandraraymondiv says:

    @UsherRaymondIV did it again #SummerSong2012,”

  11. xandraraymondiv says:

    You did it Usher!!! you Stay Winning we are riding Looking For Myself all the way to the top every single will make it to #1Billboard !!

  12. tiana_v_tori says:

    yay im so happy “SCREAM” is out!! *screams* Yes Usher you did do it again! Another #1 for the charts. I hope you keep creating beautiful music for everybody including teamusher. I just dropped by to say your awesome and Ush if you read this please follow me @Tiana_V_Tori :) ♥ Peace Love and Hair Grease lol

  13. ahamed0049 says:

    Love It “scream”

  14. kimmyb2321 says:

    In love with Scream! I am looking forward to Lookin for Myself! You never disappoint! See you May 18th on the Today Show:)<3

  15. allanhanson says:

    I’m not really a fan of this type of music. i’ll always be an R&B man… but u killed me with DJ got us falling in love, and u r usher, my idol, so u are killig me again with those high notes. man u sre even higher this time!!! omg u are awesome.
    i’m waiting 4 u to come to chile on the next tour.
    your loyal fan
    thatk u.

  16. donatocentanni says:

    USHER << this is the shit bro! great beats bro keep up the stunning work.. looking forward to 'looking for mySelf' see you back in vancouver BC canada on your next tour!

  17. ladyrogue1 says:

    This track is so hot and so you, a little R&B mixed with a dance flavour = Truly Amazing. **Scream** makes you just want to get up and dance your ass off. Can’t wait to see what else you will bring with your album “Looking For Myself” coming out in June. Keep up the great work. ;)

  18. loveuriv says:

    You Did It Again “BANGER”…Love IT

  19. purebeauty28 says:

    My baby…. you are AMAZING….you are the BEST….hurry up and give us this TOUR #CHICAGO ^.^ Besos

  20. lovely12 says:

    Hey Usher! I love it “Scream”! Keep up the great work. When can I meet you? LOL! That would be so wonderful! luv ya!!

  21. kathrynluvmusic says:

    awww !! i really love ur new song scream , i`m sure that this will be on top chart again like the climax , and we will make it no.1 again :) we love u soo much :) . u made us happy again Usher :)

  22. Ashley says:

    ‘Scream’. . .Love It!!! Can’t wait for your new album to drop in June, the countdown is on! Love u!!

  23. usherjunior13 says:

    usher well done this is a banga. this is a song to remember and when i have kids im gonna show them this song :)

  24. victim2498 says:

    Yeah man,Usher u did it again,as always! This song is sooo SEXY!AMAZING!Keep up the unspeakable work & contiune to us proud!Love,victim2498!

  25. ashertee says:

    absolutely tight….Usher my man,..this is it. this is one of those tracks lyk Yeah, DJ got us fallin’ that shows yu a genius…. gotta say Yeeeah man

  26. callingyou30 says:

    The danger of looking at yourself, in your soul is to find someone who will never be able to kiss. So I scream. I loved Scream.

  27. sally says:

    love it!!!! cant believe its been over a year since i saw you live hurry and come back to the uk!!!!!xxx

  28. samola says:

    Although I haven’t listen to d track ‘Scream’ but I trust my men Usher it gonna be off the hook.

  29. victoriahan says:

    Oh my Gosh! I LOVE THIS SONG! It should be in the Top 10 Charts. Buy it on iTunes! Help it to be on the Top 10!

  30. keniasharpe says:

    i love the new song